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Check how was the second European tour

Were 30 days of tour, and the band gives us a good mood summary of what happened:

26 shows
26 Cities
7 countries
6 air legs
7,000 KM run in Central Europe
2,500 KM run in Russia
2 Vans ( Mercedes Sprinter and VW Caravelle )
2 Tour Managers ( Sandro and Yuriy )
20 Promoters of Shows
300 CDs sold and gifted
200 T-shirts sold and gifted
100 Download cards gifted
300 gifted and pasted stickers
Dozens of strings burst
Some drum heads torn
Tens of broken drumsticks
1 Guitar broken in the penultimate show
1 Cymbal cracked in the third show
50+ Kebabs only for Chico
100 bottles of “sparkle water” for Silvano
100 liters of Coke for Rafa
Some salads for Fernando
500+ liters of beer for all
Some vodkas in Russia
Latest 4 packs of Marlboro for Chico
“Weed” where it was allowed ( and where it was not)
30 days everybody at least a little bit changed
20 days everybody changed
10 days everybody stoned
Many discussions, some fights, missing home and family
Many funny stories and any sad
And soon we’ll be on the road again!



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