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Woslom was part of São Paulo city festival called ‘Rock na Praça’. The band played in front of the monument of ‘Galeria do Rock’ for 5,000 people.





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The releasy party of the new Album ‘A Near Life Experience’ was filmed by the youtuber Dewwytto of PlannoD channel.

Check how was the party:





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Check out about the conception of the new album on these 2 part documentary.

Part 1


Part 2




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The Thrashers of WOSLOM confirm another European tour, the fourth of the band’s career. The shows will begin in May and this time Russia will be a prominent part. Check out the dates:



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The anticipated new album of WOSLOM, third of their career, already has a name and face! The quartet has just presented the title and cover art.

The disc was labeled ‘A Near Life Experience’ and the cover was made by Guatemalan artist Mario Lopez (http://marioestuardol.wix.com/mario), which drew the attention of Brazilians by his very organic style based more on hand drawings and less digital art.

The band also features the tracklisting of ‘A Near Life Experience’, which will feature eight new songs and a cover for the song ‘Thrasher’s Return’ from the band Bywar. Check out the final list:

1. Underworld Of Aggression
2. A Near Life Experience
3. Brokenbones
4. Lapses Of Sin
5. Redemption
6. Unleash Your Violence
7. Lords Of War
8. Total Speed Thrash
9. Thrasher’s Return (Bywar cover)

final logo_MENOR


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