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All set for WOSLOM travel on another mission representing Brazilian Thrash Metal worldwide. Now the group will visit our “hermanos” of Colombia and Ecuador. The tour, which will have seven concerts, starts on November 11 in Bogota, Colombia, and runs until 19 in Quito, Ecuador.

The tour is part of the new album promotion, the award-winning ‘A Near Life Experience’, which, besides Brazil, has passed through Europe.



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The band was part of the cast of the first edition of Maximus Festival, mega festival in Sao Paulo city. The cast of the festival had Rammstein, Merlyn Mason, Disturbed and Bullet For My Valentine as headliners.



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Woslom was part of São Paulo city festival called ‘Rock na Praça’. The band played in front of the monument of ‘Galeria do Rock’ for 5,000 people.





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The releasy party of the new Album ‘A Near Life Experience’ was filmed by the youtuber Dewwytto of PlannoD channel.

Check how was the party:





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Check out about the conception of the new album on these 2 part documentary.

Part 1


Part 2




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