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Following the final preparations for the release of the widely anticipated new album, the third of career, WOSLOM announce that the Italian label Punishment 18 will be responsible for releasing worldwide.

“Punishment 18 is already our partner for about two years. They bet to launch our first two albums in 2014. And now we are very happy when they were interested to release our new work”, says guitarist Rafael Iak.

The company, founded in 2005 in Miagliano community, in Italy, comes in a growing and invests especially in young talents, revealing to the scene what is the best around the world. In their roster we find names like Delirium X Tremens, Lunarsea, Ulta-Violence, Hyades, among others. Learn more: www.punishment18records.com

“A great partnership is when is good for everyone, we work here producing our stuff and they do their part very well too. Everybody earns”, adds drummer Fernando Oster.



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WOSLOM already start 2016 with great news. The quartet has partnered with one of the major labels in Brazil for the release of their new album, still without announced title.

For those unfamiliar, São Paulo’s Shinigami Records, plus an extensive support for national bands, brings to Brazil worldwide giants and promises. In its catalog we can find names like Deep Purple, Slayer, Iced Earth, Gamma Ray, Death Angel, among many others.

“We sat down to talk personally with Shinigami and ideas are the same, the heads work the same way, then it will be good for both sides, and that’s how it has to be”, says Fernando Oster, approving another great partnership for the band .

Another WOSLOM musician who celebrated the partnership was guitarist Rafael Iak: “We would do independent here in Brazil as we always have had, because it works for us. But the Shinigami comes to add, and we will give another step in the history of the band”, he says.12527972_1116762185000721_1278497298_n


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Mission accomplished. WOSLOM, one of the biggest names to emerge in Brazilian Metal in recent years, finished the recording of their new album. Now the material goes to mixing and mastering.

This will be the third album of the quartet, successor to the national classics, ‘Time To Rise’ and ‘Evolustruction’ released in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

Again the work was recorded at Acustics Studios in São Caetano do Sul, under the supervision of Danilo Pozzani, which will also make the mix. “Recording with Danilo at Acustica Studios is like being at home, he already knows how the band works and what we seek”, says drummer Fernando Oster.


The mastering is still being negotiated and WOSLOM will soon announce where the disc will be finalized. “We have great options in Europe, USA and here in Brazil, soon we tell you”, added the singer Silvano Aguilera.

WOSLOM been keeping the material under lock and key, but the excitement of their musicians and the history of the group can not help but increase the expectations for another great job.


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Band is ready to follow with its partnership with Acustica Studios and record the new album there.

“Record with Danilo at Acustica Studios is like being at home, he already knows how the band works and what we seek”, says drummer Fernando Oster.

This will be the successor to the highly acclaimed ‘Evolustruction’ second group’s album and the work that put the quartet’s name among the top national Metal, and opened many doors around the world.

Still without many details about the process, WOSLOM promises to provide many details on all the recording work, mixing and mastering.

“The mixing will be done by Danilo own again, but mastering we still don’t know, we have some options in Europe, USA and here in Brazil”, added the singer Silvano Aguilera.



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WOSLOM is ready for a major assault in Colombia. The Brazilian group has announced several dates for June.

A total of eight performances in the country starting on June 5 and will pass through cities like Medellín, Bogotá, Cali. Check out the whole itinerary:

05/06 – Medellín @ Nuestro Bar
06/06 – Bogota @ B Bar
07/06 – Duitama @ Steel Metal Fest Iii
08/06 – Palmira @ Metal Fest Brauer Bar
11/06 – Manizales @ Plug Play Rock Bar
12/06 – Cali @ Univalle Metal Fest Ii
13/06 – Popayán @ Apocalyptic Roar 2
14/06 – Pasto @ Revolution Metal Fest 2015



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