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woslom_promopic2WOSLOM announces a new partnership. The band will have an official photographer who will accompany in concerts, events and promotions.

The partnership was made with the renowned Brazilian photographer Edu Lawless, which besides professional photographer in the music business covering several important events in the country, has on his resume coverage of major international events such as Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden), Hellfest (France ) and the Monsters of Rock Cruise (USA), and alternative fashion photos in his project known as Metal Girls.

This new partnership is the result of work that began to be developed during the pre-production of the album ‘Evolustruction’ where the photographer was responsible for the photographic sets that illustrate the album and met all the band’s expectations.

Edu is also founder and editor of Rock Express site (www.rockexpress.net.br)

Know more about the work and portfolio of photographer: www.edulawless.com


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WOSLOM entered among the best bands of 2013 in voting by readers of the most visited Rock and Metal site of Brazil, Whiplash! The band also stand out among the best by magazine Hell Divine and sites Som Extremo and Arte Metal.

Not only the band and the album “Evolustruction” were highlighted in the lists, as well as musicians Rafael Iak (guitarist), Francisco Stanich (bass) and Silvano Aguilera (guitar and vocals) were nominated by site Metal On Metal. Silvano Aguilera also entered among the best guitarists in poll via magazine Roadie Crew.


But the result is no surprise at all for those who follow the trajectory of the band, which comes in a crescent since the release of debut ‘Time To Rise’ in 2010, culminating in ‘Evolustruction’, 2013. Besides the two albums, the band also adds to their career 3 video clips, two European tours and shows across Brazil.

Released independently in Brazil and in Europe by Punishment 18 Records, ‘Evolustruction’ was recorded in São Caetano do Sul/SP at Studio Acustica with production by WOSLOM along with the sound engineer Danilo Pozzani. The cover was made by the artist João Duarte.

Check out some comments about the material:

“First ranking of Brazilian Thrash Metal.” – Metal Clube

“One of the greatest representatives of national Heavy/Thrash” – Som Extremo

“It has everything to be remembered as one of the metal classics” – New Horizons

“One of the best works of Thrash Metal I’ve heard” 10/10 – Rock Clube Live

“Overflows brilliant compositions” – The Metal Crypt (Canada)

“One of the most interesting Thrash Metal albums of the year” – Power Metal Warrior (Poland)

“Consolidates as one of the best bands from Brazil” – 10/10 – Die Fight

“Highly recommended for the most demanding fans of metal” – Heavy Metal Brasil

“‘Evolustruction’ is one of the best thrash albums lately” – HardSounds (Italy)

“Thrash Metal Deluxe” – Voices From The Dark Side (Germany)


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WOSLOM is proud to announce that has just licensed its two albums for Punishment 18 Records. The first release will be the new work ‘Evolustruction’, in February 2014, which will feature a bonus track.

The label, based in Cossato – Northern Italy – is specialized in bands of Heavy/Thrash Metal and already released names like Delirium X Tremens, Lunarsea, Pitiful Reign, Ultra-Violence, among others. Learn more about the company: http://www.punishment18records.com


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During their second tour around Europe, WOSLOM, in addition to earning more public attention, also gained the media attention.

The TV show Iron Marsh, from Russia, took advantage of the band’s passage by Moscow – at Rock House – and interviewed the Brazilian quartet. Many live images were also included in the program.

In the interview the band talks a little of its history, the Brazilian Metal and how was to play in the country.



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Were 30 days of tour, and the band gives us a good mood summary of what happened:

26 shows
26 Cities
7 countries
6 air legs
7,000 KM run in Central Europe
2,500 KM run in Russia
2 Vans ( Mercedes Sprinter and VW Caravelle )
2 Tour Managers ( Sandro and Yuriy )
20 Promoters of Shows
300 CDs sold and gifted
200 T-shirts sold and gifted
100 Download cards gifted
300 gifted and pasted stickers
Dozens of strings burst
Some drum heads torn
Tens of broken drumsticks
1 Guitar broken in the penultimate show
1 Cymbal cracked in the third show
50+ Kebabs only for Chico
100 bottles of “sparkle water” for Silvano
100 liters of Coke for Rafa
Some salads for Fernando
500+ liters of beer for all
Some vodkas in Russia
Latest 4 packs of Marlboro for Chico
“Weed” where it was allowed ( and where it was not)
30 days everybody at least a little bit changed
20 days everybody changed
10 days everybody stoned
Many discussions, some fights, missing home and family
Many funny stories and any sad
And soon we’ll be on the road again!



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