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Were 30 days of tour, and the band gives us a good mood summary of what happened:

26 shows
26 Cities
7 countries
6 air legs
7,000 KM run in Central Europe
2,500 KM run in Russia
2 Vans ( Mercedes Sprinter and VW Caravelle )
2 Tour Managers ( Sandro and Yuriy )
20 Promoters of Shows
300 CDs sold and gifted
200 T-shirts sold and gifted
100 Download cards gifted
300 gifted and pasted stickers
Dozens of strings burst
Some drum heads torn
Tens of broken drumsticks
1 Guitar broken in the penultimate show
1 Cymbal cracked in the third show
50+ Kebabs only for Chico
100 bottles of “sparkle water” for Silvano
100 liters of Coke for Rafa
Some salads for Fernando
500+ liters of beer for all
Some vodkas in Russia
Latest 4 packs of Marlboro for Chico
“Weed” where it was allowed ( and where it was not)
30 days everybody at least a little bit changed
20 days everybody changed
10 days everybody stoned
Many discussions, some fights, missing home and family
Many funny stories and any sad
And soon we’ll be on the road again!



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WOSLOM just announced its second visit to Europe. The group prepares to set sail for the Old Continent in September.

During their first passage through Europe in early 2012, the group even performed at the famous festival Barroselas in Portugal and in Sweden with Entombed.

Check out the confirmed dates:


13/09 – Amsterdam @ The Cave
14/09 – Oostand @ Twilight
15/09 – Wervik @ De Bierpompe
17/09 – Arhus @ Escobar
18/09 – Lindesberg @ HillStreet
19/09 – Vanersborg @ Café Mic
20/09 – Goteborg @ 128A
21/09 – Uddevalla @ Club Adrian Bastionen
22/09 – Schleswig @ Meltdown
25/09 – Hamburgo @ tba
26/09 – Berlin @ tba
27/09 – Szczecin @ Szuflandia
28/09 – Gdansk @ Cytawa Club
29/09 – Slupsk @ Motor-Rock Pub
01/10 – Bydgoszcz @ Jack Pub
02/10 – Krakow @ Kawiarnia Naukowa
03/10 – Dresden @ Heavy Duty
04/10 – Renchen @ Comme Inn
05/10 – Emmen @ Blanko
06/10 – Groningen @ Crowbar
08/10 – Moscow @ Rock House
09/10 – Voronezh @ Nasha Sreda Obitaniya
10/10 – Lipetsk @ Oblaka
11/10 – Penza @ Dominanta
12/10 – Ulyanovsk @ Nutr
13/10 - Dmitrov @ Kotel


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WOSLOM’s new album, ‘Evolustruction’, which was already causing uproar even before its official release, is finally available for sale.


The album is now available directly from the band: woslom@woslom.com

Its virtual version can be purchased through the link: http://www.cdbaby.com/woslom2

‘Evolustruction’ is the successor to the acclaimed ‘Time To Rise’, debut which gave to WOSLOM status of revelation of our scenario. And the first review extracted from the new CD, made by the portal Whiplash (Junior Frascá), ‘Evolustruction’ should follow in the footsteps of the elder brother:

“Not only the best national release of the year so far, as a strong candidate to fight for the top of the overall charts as the best of 2013.”


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Along with the release of its new video, ‘Evolustruction’, WOSLOM released for free download a single of the same song.

But it is not any single, besides has its own art, this single contains a Bootleg with three bonus tracks from the album “Time to Rise”, recorded live during the group’s European tour.

Woslom - Evolustruction Single Cover

Download the single now: http://www.metalmedia.com.br/woslom/downloads/evolustruction_single.rar


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Finally the wait is over! For fans who were eager to know a little about WOSLOM’s new work, the music video is finally released!

Again the group was able to overcome, featuring an audiovisual work of outstanding quality. “From the clip ‘Time To Rise’ we are aware that we must always make a better video clip, so it was with ‘Mortal Effect’ and I think we overcame with ‘Evolustruction’, it really got a hi level job!” – Comments the band.

The project was conducted in partnership with Agency Santo Forte Digital (http://www.santofortedigital.com.br) directed by Will Mazzola and artistic production of Alessandra Lepiane and support by Econsciência Palestras (http://www.ecopalestras.com), who kindly ceded the boa constrictor (Getúlio) for recording.

The new album, ‘Evolustruction’ will be released on June 3 and can be purchased at Die Hard website (http://www.diehard.com.br/lojaweb/detalhes.asp?codprod=29551), with the band itself via email woslom@woslom.com or digitally on http://www.cdbaby.com/woslom

The album was recorded in São Caetano do Sul/SP at Studio Acustica with production by WOSLOM along with sound engineer Danilo Pozzani. The cover was made by the artist João Duarte.



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