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New album is available for sale!

WOSLOM’s new album, ‘Evolustruction’, which was already causing uproar even before its official release, is finally available for sale.


The album is now available directly from the band: woslom@woslom.com

Its virtual version can be purchased through the link: http://www.cdbaby.com/woslom2

‘Evolustruction’ is the successor to the acclaimed ‘Time To Rise’, debut which gave to WOSLOM status of revelation of our scenario. And the first review extracted from the new CD, made by the portal Whiplash (Junior Frascá), ‘Evolustruction’ should follow in the footsteps of the elder brother:

“Not only the best national release of the year so far, as a strong candidate to fight for the top of the overall charts as the best of 2013.”


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