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New album out by Shinigami Records in Brazil

WOSLOM already start 2016 with great news. The quartet has partnered with one of the major labels in Brazil for the release of their new album, still without announced title.

For those unfamiliar, São Paulo’s Shinigami Records, plus an extensive support for national bands, brings to Brazil worldwide giants and promises. In its catalog we can find names like Deep Purple, Slayer, Iced Earth, Gamma Ray, Death Angel, among many others.

“We sat down to talk personally with Shinigami and ideas are the same, the heads work the same way, then it will be good for both sides, and that’s how it has to be”, says Fernando Oster, approving another great partnership for the band .

Another WOSLOM musician who celebrated the partnership was guitarist Rafael Iak: “We would do independent here in Brazil as we always have had, because it works for us. But the Shinigami comes to add, and we will give another step in the history of the band”, he says.12527972_1116762185000721_1278497298_n


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