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Third album recordings are over!

Mission accomplished. WOSLOM, one of the biggest names to emerge in Brazilian Metal in recent years, finished the recording of their new album. Now the material goes to mixing and mastering.

This will be the third album of the quartet, successor to the national classics, ‘Time To Rise’ and ‘Evolustruction’ released in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

Again the work was recorded at Acustics Studios in São Caetano do Sul, under the supervision of Danilo Pozzani, which will also make the mix. “Recording with Danilo at Acustica Studios is like being at home, he already knows how the band works and what we seek”, says drummer Fernando Oster.


The mastering is still being negotiated and WOSLOM will soon announce where the disc will be finalized. “We have great options in Europe, USA and here in Brazil, soon we tell you”, added the singer Silvano Aguilera.

WOSLOM been keeping the material under lock and key, but the excitement of their musicians and the history of the group can not help but increase the expectations for another great job.


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