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Worldwide release via Punishment 18

Following the final preparations for the release of the widely anticipated new album, the third of career, WOSLOM announce that the Italian label Punishment 18 will be responsible for releasing worldwide.

“Punishment 18 is already our partner for about two years. They bet to launch our first two albums in 2014. And now we are very happy when they were interested to release our new work”, says guitarist Rafael Iak.

The company, founded in 2005 in Miagliano community, in Italy, comes in a growing and invests especially in young talents, revealing to the scene what is the best around the world. In their roster we find names like Delirium X Tremens, Lunarsea, Ulta-Violence, Hyades, among others. Learn more: www.punishment18records.com

“A great partnership is when is good for everyone, we work here producing our stuff and they do their part very well too. Everybody earns”, adds drummer Fernando Oster.



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