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Once again paying tribute to the Brazilian metal

The bonus track of WOSLOM’s new album will be a cover of the song ‘Breakdown’ from the Brazilian Thrash Metal band MAD DRAGZTER!

“This is our way of honoring another great band from the scene, Mad Dragzter was a band that influenced us since the very beginning”, said the guitarist Rafael Iak. “We try not to do a faithful cover of the song, but to make our version, with the face of WOSLOM, particularly I found this version of Breakdown killer”, complements the drummer Fernando Oster. The song ‘Breakdown’ is the opening track of Mad Dragzter’s first disc, the national classic ‘Strong Mind’, 2003.

This is not the first time that WOSLOM honors the Brazilian underground bands. The group has released videos playing covers of the bands ANCESTTRAL and RED FRONT. Its way to unite and strengthen the scenario of Brazil.


The album ‘Evolustruction’ was recorded in São Caetano do Sul/SP at Studio Acustica under the supervision of sound engineer Danilo Pozzani The front cover was made by the artist João Duarte.

The release will take place on June 3, check out the teaser:

Check, finally, the nine tracks that will be part of ‘Evolustruction’:
Haunted by the Past
Pray to Kill
River of Souls
No Last Chance
New Faith
Breathless (Justice’s Fall)

Contact for concerts and merchandise: woslom@woslom.com


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